Cherkasy: Where It All Began


Cherkasy: Where It All Began

On the western bank of the Dnieper River lies the beautiful city of Cherkasy, Ukraine. Seventeen years ago, at the start of the new millennium, seven visionary freelancers from the area came together to form what eventually became InterLink, Software Planet Group’s very first development centre in the country. Having observed the potential of the Java programming language, the young pioneers decided to invest their hours into learning the technology, as the industry possessed very few Java specialists at the time. As a result, they soon found themselves being flooded with requests to develop software solutions for American and Israeli firms.

Today, our development centre in Cherkasy employs more than 100 professionals split between two separate locations — each including departments of graphical design, quality assurance, technical support, HR and project management. While our main office concerns itself with enterprise development and serves major customers like Xerox and Nokia, our second building is devoted to smaller companies, including a range of Silicon Valley startups.

InterLink has a proud knowledge sharing history that has embedded itself into our company culture. From their earliest professional days, our founders worked tirelessly to absorb endless amounts of information, sometimes bringing in 10 to 12 books on IT and programming in order to learn all they could about the subject. Nowadays, this tradition is reflected in the many events we promote and host.

Every few months, for instance, we hold Tech Talks, where experienced mentors educate our staff and the local IT community on the newest and most relevant technologies. And with the ever-growing popularity of IT as a career choice, we also work closely with universities to recruit promising young talent. Thus, our offices routinely host inCamp internships, in which recent graduates are invited to experience the inner workings of a development centre and are later given the opportunity to join our development teams. In addition, Cherkasy also holds regular knowledge transfer sessions that are made available to all departments, on-site and online.

But none of these events would be complete without Cherkasy’s distinctly cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, where team leaders, developers and designers can often be spotted in tandem working on the grass on a bright sunny day. And thanks to our enthusiastic HR team, this is made even better by a host of team-building outings and celebrations, like Christmas and New Year parties, commemorative international trips and fun family gatherings by the river. Together, all these things make Cherkasy an incredible place to work, or even visit.

In fact, we welcome all our customers to come and participate in our knowledge transfer sessions, where they will be able to meet our development teams face-to-face — and are more than happy to help arrange a visit! Since 2015, InterLink has been a valued part of the greater Software Planet Group, a UK-based consultancy created by its original founders. We are proud to carry on its legacy of innovation and partnership.

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