Platform / OS
Industry Sector
Food & Catering
Solution Type
Mobile AppSaaS
Data Layer
Lunchmaster is an online school meal ordering service.

SPG was involved from the conception of the project and continues to support the business.

Through our agile iterative development process we enabled the company to launch early with a basic version that met the main priorities of the business plan (Minimum Viable Product).

SPG automated the back end catering processes and procedures, provided full matrixes for menus, schools and users, as well as in-depth reporting.

Using layered architecture, we were able to add a multi-platform front end that allowed the application to become available on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Native HTML5 React Native

Provides the best performance

Native Ul from the start; no need for workarounds or any Other attempts to mimic the original user interface

Full access to all APIs

Most appropriate method for game development or intense data process- tng apps

Latest OS features are immediately avail- able upon release

Better battery efficien- cy

Cheapest approach


Highly flexible

May also be accessed via a desktop comput-

Some access to native features

Developers are readily available

More affordable than native development

Same code-base may be used to develop both Android and iOS applications

Simple and conve- nient

Hardware functional- ities are processed by the appropriate plat- form

Good performance

Supports distribution via the App Store and Google Play




Arguably slower and less intuitive

No access to native APIs

Restricted publishing to official app stores

Hampered by JavaS- cript

Converting to native code may be buggy at times

High learning curve

Does not support all native APIs

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