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Your team’s capacity and level of expertise are the two key ingredients for an organisation’s success.

Expand Your Team’s Delivery Capacity

One of the challenges for technology leaders in growing organisations is how to keep up with their business and market demands, and deliver more value more quickly.

We help to expand your company’s delivery capacity by offering reliable teams of qualified software engineers. Our professionals are technically skilled and share the same values and dedication to quality as your in-house team.

Partner with us to gain additional capacity without compromising on standards or values!

Boost Your Company’s Tech Level

As you focus on addressing technical issues and improving your organisation’s IT ecosystem, you also have to develop your in-house technology expertise.

We help companies expand their in-house expertise by working alongside their existing teams and sharing our wealth of knowledge across various tech domains. We have hands-on experience using both mainstream and niche technologies and frameworks.

Partner with us to transform your technical challenges into opportunities for advancement and growth!

Revolutionise Your Operations with Automation

Automation is an important competitive edge for businesses. As an organisation evolves, so do its operations. It becomes vital to ensure that the IT solutions at the heart of the business follow these changes.

We are a technology partner that offers deep expertise in automation. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in specific industries, and can help you build a product that perfectly aligns with your operational needs.

Collaborate with us to get a fully fledged technology partner with proven expertise in your business domain.

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Software Development for Medium Business CTO

What is on the Mind of a Technology Leader?

When reaching out to SPG, many of our clients are looking to address the following issues:

Increase Delivery Throughput

Clients want to increase their in-house team’s delivery throughput to fulfil their business roadmap, but the team is stretched thin and has no extra capacity.

Increase the Reliability of IT Ecosystems and Solutions

While working hard to improve their software solutions, CTOs welcome new ideas on increasing reliability or choosing the most suitable technology to achieve their goals.

Grow the In-house Expertise and Fill In the Gaps

The in-house team doesn’t always have all the required technical expertise to implement what’s needed. The rapid evolution of tools and frameworks renders the developers’ expertise out of date.

Use the Right Technology

Not only should the technology be suitable for a task, but it should also be efficient and sustainable. What the in-house team is capable of using should not become a limiting factor for the business.

Optimise Development and Operations Costs

Technical leaders want to minimise development costs and maintenance and balance efficiency and reliability to meet their top management’s expectations.

Expand Operations Automation

They want to develop an ecosystem that automates their organisation’s operations and ensure it’s built with the most efficient technology available.

Settle Technical Debt

Traditionally, pressure from the business demanding new features, lack of capacity or expertise, or everything at once hinders this important task.

What are the Solutions?

The following measures help address the challenges above:

Team Augmentation

Bringing on board qualified software engineers who not only have relevant technical expertise but a great understanding of your organisation’s business domain helps to increase development capacity in a number of ways. These specialists can work alongside your in-house team, handle various support and maintenance requests, or take responsibility for the delivery of a part of your roadmap.

Sourcing the Right Expertise

Reaching out to the experts in required technologies can help companies fill any gaps in their expertise. Specialists outside your organisation can share less biassed technical feedback, bring fresh ideas to address old problems, and suggest the most up-to-date technologies. This is relevant for all aspects — from processes to infrastructure.

A Fully Fledged Partner

A well-established technology partner with access to a large talent pool and mature processes can provide the required support as and when needed at various stages of your development cycle. They can share trends and insights, help you validate the suitability of a certain technology, and suggest tailored solutions that have been tested in a similar business context.


As operational needs change, so should business automation solutions. New products and technologies change the status quo, giving successful early adopters a significant competitive edge. Hence, the organisation expects its tech leaders to be able to understand the most promising trends, and identify the potential of products entering the market, enabling the company to adopt these trends and products ahead of the competition.

Let’s Discuss Possible Solutions

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Why SPG?

At SPG, we pride ourselves on being a long-term technology partner to businesses, supporting their growth ove r the years (in some cases, for over a decade). Our development centres offer expertise across a wide range of technologies and frameworks, and our cross-functional teams allow us to cater to practically any project’s needs. SPG covers areas from software design and development to infrastructure audit and maintenance.

We support technical leaders by providing them with all the means required to fulfil their ambitions. We see our mission as helping customers achieve excellence through the clever use of modern technology.

Our customer-centric approach means we work to understand the business context behind a software development project, our clients’ priorities, key motivation aspects and challenges. Our processes and work ethic make us reliable partners to the company’s existing teams.

What Our Clients Say


Requests from our SME-type clients fall into one of the following categories:

Catering for Internal Needs

An industry-leading EPOS technology provider had a capable development team. Their roadmap was chock-a-block with features catering to end clients’ needs. However, the CTO and his in-house team faced constant pressure from the marketing, operations, and sales departments, each demanding changes to be rolled out in the shortest time possible. Realising that this was akin chasing one’s tail, the CTO decided to enlist an external team to handle the delivery of functionality less critical but vital for the business.

SPG was awarded this opportunity. The company’s specialists created a web-based sales analytics and reporting subsystem, and integrated it into the customer’s wider suite of admin tools. They also helped adopt the SPA approach, introducing a variety of modern technologies such as React and Redux (which accelerated the development of dynamic and responsive interfaces). The SPG team then designed and implemented another separate forecasting subsystem that utilised a number of data science and machine learning capabilities.

Technology Stack: React, Redux, .NET C#, ASP.Net
Upgrading the Legacy Codebase

A SaaS platform for UI and product designers approached SPG. The solution allowed its users to design, collaborate on, and present visual concepts — from low-fidelity wireframes to fully interactive prototypes. While the existing team worked around the clock implementing new features, the company’s CTO grew increasingly concerned about the accruing technical debt, and the numerous postponed migrations, which were increasingly time pressing.

The SPG team was tasked with analysing how a legacy API microservice written in PHP could be re-implemented with Node.js and Ruby, as required by the new architecture approach to the APIs. The Node.js part had to cover all functionality related to working with mockups and wireframes, while Ruby-based code had to incorporate user management and payments functionality. The SPG specialists helped uncover some long-forgotten dependencies and complexities in the architecture. In addition, they facilitated the platform’s update to the most recent versions of Node.js and other frameworks. This successful upgrade and unification of the versions made the product team’s life easier, as they could continue development and maintenance using the latest versions of the software available.

Technology Stack: React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails.
Diverse Expertise Helps Beat Old Performance Problems

Our customer was running a web-based solution offering numerous cybersecurity analytics tools to business customers and individuals. The platform’s key features included:

  • A cyber security score based on the analysis of digital behaviour
  • A tailored action plan
  • Scanning for Cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Data breach monitoring

SPG was offered the opportunity to augment our customer’s in-house team. The relationship began by developing a set of brand-new microservices for a phishing simulator. Each microservice had to follow the Domain Driven Design (DDD) approach. Given the platform’s evolution over a long period, its ecosystem was an array of various technologies and frameworks. After successfully releasing new functionality, the SPG specialists were invited to address an old problem with memory leaks — one of the SaaS processes regularly stalled. The problem was rooted in outdated architecture and limitations of the underlying technology. The SPG team suggested porting this legacy logic to Kotlin and Quarkus ( As a result, long-lasting performance issues were eliminated entirely. Problems with traceability and debugging also improved.

Technology Stack: React, Node.js, Laravel, Kotlin, Golang.

What are the Next Steps?

If you require bespoke software development services or want to augment your current team’s capabilities, the process is straightforward:

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