Lead Your Business to Technical Excellence

Stay Ahead of the Competition

To gain a competitive advantage, organisations need to convert their fresh ideas into new products and lines of business.

We specialise in turning innovative concepts into tangible digital products. You share ideas; we deliver on schedule and within budget.

Let’s create the future of your business together!

Optimise Efficiency

Success often depends on your organisation’s efficiency — leverage technology advancements to do things cheaper, quicker, smarter or simply differently.

You know your business’s strengths and struggles; we know how to apply technology to empower your organisation.

Partner with us to transform your ideas into reality efficiently and cost-effectively.

Accelerate Your Delivery Roadmap

For many organisations, their delivery appetites cannot be satisfied by their in-house production capacity. Pressure from both the market and competitors make this situation stressful.

We can help you boost your team’s capacity either by integrating skilled resources or by delivering parts of your project scope. Transform the way you deliver, achieving more in less time!

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What is on the Business Owner’s Mind?

While reaching out to SPG, many of our clients are looking to address the following issues:

Improve Business Operations

They want to streamline their company’s operations to run things smoothly and more efficiently. Using automation is often one of the key components here.

Increase Business Growth Rates

Looking to expand their business further, many owners want to try out some new ideas, which they can convert into new products or services, and generate more revenue.

Optimise Operational Costs

Receiving better value for money is one of the ultimate goals for many owners. To achieve this, the companies require improved efficiency, reduced expenses or a new approach.

Increase Business Throughput

The transaction pace in the modern market is extremely high. Many stakeholders require companies to deliver more value to their clients quicker.

What are the Solutions?

There is no single ultimate solution to all business challenges. But there are some key ingredients that, in combination, become significant factors of success.


The right technology can significantly enhance your business and place it ahead of the competition. The right automation specialist will help identify the required technological components and implement them.

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency!

The more aspects of your business can be optimised, the more resources you free up (or save). Underlying infrastructure is often one of the places to look at, making sure it’s efficient from both technical and financial points of view.

Extra Resources and Delegation

To deliver more things quicker, you either need to increase your team’s capacity or delegate part of the scope. Make sure you have options for both of these scenarios.

Predictable Throughput

While testing the new ideas against the market, the importance of adhering to schedule and budget cannot be stressed enough. Make sure your team can deliver, both code and their promises. And don’t compromise on quality.

Let’s Discuss Possible Solutions

Book a free personalised consultation with one of our onboarding specialists.

Why SPG?

At SPG, we pride ourselves on being a long-term partner to businesses, supporting their growth over the years (in some cases over a decade). Our development centres offer expertise across a wide range of technologies, and our cross-functional teams allow us to cater to practically any project’s needs.

We see our mission as helping customers achieve excellence through clever use of modern technology.

Our customer-centric approach means we try to understand the business context behind a software development project, our clients’ priorities, key motivation aspects and challenges. This helps us ensure that our solution will become a driver for innovation and growth for the business.

What Our Clients Say


Requests from our SME-type clients fall into one of the following categories:

From Concept to FinTech Market in 70 Days

A group of partners with financial backgrounds saw an opportunity in applying smart contracts and blockchain concepts to accounting activities. They approached SPG with a request for an MVP development — a working solution with enough functionality to demonstrate their concept to the target audience. This pilot version was supposed to be ready before one of the FinTech shows in London.

The SPG specialists were responsible for designing the solution’s technical architecture, configuring a robust production environment, and bringing the concept to life.

As a result of this engagement, the customers received a full-fledged online platform — a solid foundation for their business. The relationships between the companies grew and expanded over the years.

Clar Case Study

You Take Orders We Deliver

A family-owned school catering business was looking for a reliable partner who would take all technology aspects off their mind. SPG has become such a partner to this business, helping it leverage technology and improve its efficiency.

The SPG specialists analysed key business operations, processes and workflows, and helped optimise them by means of new technology solutions. From the parents-facing front-end, through ordering and fulfilment to delivery, every aspect of the business was covered by the software suite and its web and mobile applications.

These relationships have continued for almost a decade.

Food&Catering Software Development

You Can Have a Cake and Eat It

An established SaaS business was hitting a growing curve. They had their capable in-house team who created the original product, eager clients with money in their hands and brilliant ideas on how to improve their product even further. What they didn’t have was enough development capacity. Some long-delayed updates and dependencies began to catch up, forcing a business to balance between stability and new features. This is when the company was approached by SPG, and decided to try a new model for getting things done.

The SPG specialists took responsibility for analysing the legacy parts of the platform and its APIs. In the meantime, the in-house team was focusing on adding new customer-facing features. This partnership improved the product’s maintainability without compromising the roadmap and its schedule.

Pin Case Study

What are the Next Steps?

If you require bespoke software development services or look to augment your current team’s capabilities, the process is straightforward:

1. Book a Call

2. Get an Offer

3. Make Your Decision

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