Middleware: SOA, SaaS, Web Services & APIs

For nearly 2 decades, SPG have been developing for our clients a plethora of applications with the service-oriented architecture (SOA). This includes API-based services, middleware components, web services and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems. But what then makes these last two different?

Well, in the era of digital transformation, companies are often looking to replace their in-house systems with a set of interoperable Software as a Services (SaaSes). After all, unlike monolithic systems, SaaSes are hosted centrally (on-premises or on the cloud), are provided on a subscription basis, and can also address a wide variety of prevailing business problems and functions.

On the other hand, while SaaSes are intended to interact with human users via a web-based or mobile interface, web services will tend to hide in the back-end. In fact, they are created first and foremost to enable a “service” function, receive a variety of API requests and process these before eventually returning a response to their accompanying “client.” These clients are most often made up of yet other software components.

Software Planet Group’s experience covers all aspects of SaaS development (design, build, configuration, deployment, monitoring and support). Where reasonable, we also make use of the microservices architecture (MSA), as it enables the creation of cutting-edge software applications — with a collection of loosely coupled services — which may then be deployed with different logical and physical servers.

Formats & Protocols


Hosting Platforms

At SPG, we work with most major platforms to effectively deploy your web application or SaaS.