Our Projects

We have worked with companies of different sizes and from different sectors, and in a wide range of solutions from start-ups to enterprises, from corporate software systems to mobile apps and computer games.

Medical Portal


SPG developed a cloud-based platform that provides online collaboration between hospital staff and medical suppliers.

A workflow-based system, the solution allows purchasers and vendors to request, respond, review, track and store tender applications and requests for information.

The application also tracks and automates the purchase workflow processes once a buying decision has been approved.

SPG also provided a secure portal to facilitate external communications between medical staff and sellers.


Layer24 is a time tracking and reporting tool which allows employers to receive comprehensive work time statistics on the activities of employees providing automatic timesheet completion.

The application allows businesses to evaluate their employees’ personal workplace efficiencies and compare it with the department, company and industry averages.

The solution offers a customisable report generator and the ability to easily export data to other third party applications.

SPG were responsible for the design, development and delivery of the entire solution.


Integrating with leading online marketing services such as Infusionsoft and Ontaport, the application provides the ability to define automatic marketing scenarios for eCommerce web services, webinars and email advertising campaigns, etc.

SPG designed, developed and delivered the entire solution.

Professional Network

SPG developed a social network service for yacht and crew management. We designed the user interface, created the mobile application, developed the back end and carried out the integration with other third party social media sites.

Branded Mobile Application

Software Planet Group created the SocialStay service for a hotel chain. The solution enabled the business to place a branded application in the AppStore and GooglePlay to provide interactive services between the hotel group and their customers, and also to allow clients to communicate with other guests.

We developed the service's user interface, application preview at editor forms, user interaction mechanisms in the system, REST API and other functions of the system.